Knights of St. Andrew (KSA)



First Knight of the Council
Jim Hogg

Knight Grand Councilor
Acey Edgemon

Knight Chief of Staff
Kevin Gourley

Knight Bursar
Alan Goldstein

Knight Keeper of the Realm
Fred Natoli

Knight Grand Orator
Hugh Forrester

Knight of the Watch
Adam Saucier

Knight of the Merriment
Richard Keyes

Knight of Heraldry and Regalia
John Reilly

Clinton Larkins

Dear Brothers of the Royal Secret,

I’m sure you have all noticed some members of the valley wearing Scottish Glengarry hats and black shirts. This is the uniform of a Knights of Saint Andrew. You will see them helping around the Lodge and dining room as well as filling in at rituals and reunions. The regalia adorning the Scottish military Glengarry hat signifies the rank of the Knight. Gold medallions and gold feathers signify an elected officer. All elected Knight Officers wear two gold feathers with the exception of the First Knight of the Council which wears three gold feathers. Appointed Knight Officers wear silver medallions with one gold feather and one white feather. All Sir Knights wear silver medallions with two white feathers.

The Knights have been active in the Valley of Fort Myers for about ten years. The KSA is made up of Masters of the Royal Secret who are not red or white hats. Which simply means that any Masters of the Royal Secret who is a Black Hat can join. The KSA is a service organization within the Scottish Rite that gives assistance to the Valley wherever it is needed. This assistance can involve anything the valley does. The costumes and props need work and there are computer and clerical needs that arise and the KSA fills that need for the Valley. We are not asking anyone to take on an oppressive work load we are simply asking you to become involved to help the valley move forward.

The reunions are the busiest time for the Valley and the place where we always need more help. Setting up for the degrees is a lot of work that must be done quickly and efficiently. The backstage crew works very hard and can use some extra hands, before during and after the reunions. The degrees we perform require that about 90 individual parts be acted out. These parts are both speaking and nonspeaking. In addition, there are many supporting parts such as drawing curtains and offstage voices. It is very important that we have extra help to fill in where needed.

We need help setting up and taking down the Lodge for regular meetings. There is always need for extra help with special meetings such as the Feast of Tisri and SGIG visit. Setting up the dining room and special setup in the Lodge are much easier with some extra help.

We need greeters at the Consistory meetings. 

We need a couple of photographers to be available for special events. A photographic history of the Valley is important.  Newsletters and publicity. There is always a need for help putting together information for the Valley. Without awareness, the Scottish Rite cannot grow. It has always been difficult finding help with the publications we need to produce and distribute.

These are just some of the places were the KSA can make a difference. The Valley needs the help of the KSA and we need your involvement to provide that help. Please join us so we can make the Valley of Ft Myers all it can be. So, if you have a desire to become involved within the Scottish Rite and be hands-on, I invite you to join our group of dedicated Knights. There are no dues, only a one-time fee of $100.00 which buys your KSA shirt, Glengarry, and all the regalia that applies. 

Application for KSA

KSA application (pdf)