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The Mission of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Orient of Florida


To be the premier fraternity of Men of Integrity and Good Character by providing opportunities for personal growth, leadership skills, education and social interaction based on the values of friendship, charity, patriotism, tolerance and a belief in a Supreme Being.

To that end we commit to making a positive impact on mankind, promoting our community and providing value to the Masonic fraternity.

Scottish Rite Creed


The cause of human progress is our cause, the enfranchisement of human thought our supreme wish, the freedom of human conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all peoples everywhere, the end of our contention.

While the Scottish Rite has thirty-three degrees, numbered from 1 to 33, the Supreme Councils of the English speaking countries do not assume any authority over the first three degrees where there exists a Grand Lodge which adheres to the Landmarks of freemasonry and continues regular, legitimate and duly constituted and which refrains from interfering with the administration of the Fourth to Thirty-third Degrees inclusive by the Supreme Council. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite goes so deeply into the past for much of its symbolism and philosophy that its origins are lost in the mists of antiquity from which emerges history. 



Freemasonry is a world-wide organization consisting of men of quality, varying race, religion and creed, consistently teaching and living by a universal moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics, honesty and strength of character.

We are a fraternal organization committed to charity, true fellowship and brotherly love under watchful eye of our Creator. We share a common bond amongst all members and their families, working together toward the betterment of our communities, our country and the world. The Masonic Lodge is a vibrant, respected and contributing part of community life.

A man who becomes a Mason can expect to find the opportunity to learn and to lead; to inspire and be inspired, teach and learn and improve himself as a man, husband, father, Brother and community member. 

Masons are proud to be a member of an organization committed to making a difference.It is likely that there are many Freemasons active in your local community.

Freemasonry has been known as the quiet fraternity over the years. Masons quietly go about supporting charitable work and community projects, such as blood drives, Special Olympics and Child learning programs. 


Upcoming Events


OCTOBER 5th & 6th


Begins 7:00 AM both mornings

Wednesday, October 16th 

6:30 PM Dinner / 7:30 PM Consistory

Feast of Tishre, Reunion Banquet

Latest News


Ken Jordan is the Valley Representative for the Scottish Rite Foundation.

Ed Lanham is the Director of Work for the Fort Myers Valley

Location & Contact Information

Scottish Rite Valley of Fort Myers

10868 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida 33966, United States

(239) 332-2311

Days and Times

Third Wednesday each month - 6:30 PM Dinner, 7:30 PM Meeting time.

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