Spring and Fall Reunions

Our Scottish Rite Reunions are gatherings of Valley Members to welcome new members and celebrate the teachings of the Scottish Rite.  We study some of mankind's greatest questions and philosophies; and we have a lot of fun doing it! 

Each Reunion goes through the 29 Degrees of the Scottish Rite either being "Conferred" (one act plays on a stage) or "Communicated" where knowledgeable Brethren walk through the concepts and learning points behind the degree in a classroom setting. It is a completely invigorating experience for the members that do the work, and the candidates that experience it. Through these 29 experiences reviewing ethics and morality with the intent of being able to apply them in everyday life condensed to a two day marathon of continuous activity throughout the Valley Center; we enjoy each other’s' work, fraternity, and recent experiences. 

Imagine getting together twice each year with your Fellows, accomplishing something great, and having some "down time" to enjoy their company.  This is a Scottish Rite Reunion. The Valley of Fort Myers conducts both a Spring and Fall Reunion each year. Candidacy for the Scottish Rite requires you be a Master Mason in Good Standing and fill out a petition for the Valley.